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Namaste and Welcome!


First of all, let me say how excited I am! Every being who chooses to claim back their power is a celebratory moment, not only for your life but for the planet as well! 


As Archangel Zadkiel has often shared, every awakened soul will hold space for 100.000 others to do the same! Wow! Thank YOU for being on that path!


If you ever have questions about the program just feel free to message me here!




Enjoy and many blessings



Module One

Each module builds on the previous one and in this first video, you will be introduced to how you can use your already existing tools (your own body) to help you understand the guidance being offered. 


Because we are ALWAYS guided. We are just so used to doubting ourselves! 


I also have an assignment for you that I ask you to expand through the 4 weeks of the program, to keep returning to it. 


This is a journaling exercise and one that may seem easy at first. But I promise if you are willing to dig deep, you have the opportunity to uncover many of your personal blocks (and seeing them is already half the success towards resolving them. 




Assignment One:


What would your life look like and what would you do if you had all the money in the world and you could do ANYTHING without limitation? 



Journaling support: 

* Notice all the excuses that come up. The family, the kids, the job, the whatever that makes this assignment just "pointless". Note all the resistance.

*After you manage to answer it, put it aside. And come back to it again. Each time push yourself further. Keep asking if that is all and if you are sure. 


The invitation is to let your imagination run as free as possible. 


From module two you will have in-depth journaling exercises to assist you in dissolving your limitations and it will also enhance this first assignment. 


For now, dig as deep as you can! 



And now go ahead and watch this video!!! 


Your next module will be posted the following Friday


Module Two

Module Three

Module Four



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